Tax & Accounting Services

What we have to offer you.

Choosing a professional to assist with your tax accounting isn’t a decision you should take lightly. At Rapid Tax Associates LLC you will work with someone who has the experience to minimize your taxes while remaining in compliance with IRS roles. Our firm is based in Caldwell, NJ and has been assisting businesses and individuals with their tax planning needs for over 30 years. Our firm has the experience and resources necessary to develop tax saving strategies with a focus on both immediate and future goals.


Our Services Include:


  • Personal Tax, Tax planning, Compliance & Solutions
  • Corporation Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • New Corporations & New Entity Set Up
  • Estate, Gift, Trust & Non Profit Tax Returns
  • Cash flow Management
  • Small and medium business bookkeeping & accounting services


Our plan:


  1. Contact us for a quote.
  2. Upload your documents securely online or drop them off in person.
  3. Review your prepared taxes securely online and “click” to sign, or come in to finalize them in person.
  4. We e-file for you, and it’s done.


It’s that easy.

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Our fees

Our tax preparation fees are based on complexity. We charge by the form.

One percent of all sales go to local and global charities.


Includes one State Return

  • Single, no dependentsfrom $190
  • Single, with dependentsfrom $220
  • Married, no dependentsfrom $230
  • Married, with dependentsfrom $260

Additional Schedules and Forms*

  • Additional State Return$90 each
  • Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)$40
  • Schedule C (Sole Proprietor Business)$60/$150/$190**
  • Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses)$40/$80/$180**
  • Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit)$100
  • Schedule E (Rental Property)$90 each***
  • Schedule F (Farm)$150/$190**

Includes one State Return

  • Solar Credits$80

Other Tax Returns (includes one state return)

  • Corporation or Partnershipfrom $500
  • Trust or Estatefrom $420
  • Non Profitfrom $550

* We charge additionally for a few other schedules and forms that are not listed here, and we charge hourly for those who need extra time and attention.

** Depends on complexity

*** A discounted rate applies to clients with more than one rental