Rapid Tax Associates LLC

We offer our clients Comprehensive Tax & Accounting Packages that cover all aspects of your accounting needs.

Tax Planning

Whether your individual tax situation is relatively simple or complex, we can help you prepare your taxes and identify legitimate deductions. Working with an experienced CPA is an especially prudent choice if you have recently experienced any major changes that affected your finances, such as getting married, becoming self-employed, or retiring.

Estate Planning

Estate planning gives you the opportunity to pass your wealth on as you see fit. Your estate includes everything from your car and home to life insurance and bank accounts, and estates and inheritances unfortunately also mean taxes. Advisors will help you to pass on your estate with as little taxation as possible by avoiding tax traps and properly managing life insurance and other assets.

Business tax planning

Proper small business and corporate tax planning is an ongoing process, not a last-minute response to an obligatory deadline. Careful business tax planning with a certified public accountant is the best way to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by business owners.

We Offer What You Need.

At Rapid Tax Associates LLC we believe advice is what makes a difference. We understand that your financial situation is unique to you and that it can't be understood with generic questions and prompts. We exist to do more than just input data.